Want to add a unique, exciting and effective team-bonding component to your event? Book an X1 Boston Pit Stop Team Challenge.

There are no individuals in a Pit Crew – just the team. Empower even the toughest individuals to learn how to work together, in a fun and rewarding format.

In the Pit Stop Team Challenge your people are transformed into Pit Crews. In formulated teams of 5 to 7, each group chooses positions, has a practice run and participates in a competitive race against the clock. It moves very, very fast…team performance improves with each run and…the fastest team wins.

The X1 Pit Stop Team Challenge is fun and so much more:


  • Your people show themselves the importance and value of working together.

  • It ensures the teams interact in new ways, to become more integrated.

  • They get pushed them out of their comfort zone and helps them exceed their own expectations.

  • It totally engages the group in the experience to maximize motivation.


These lessons can be applied back at work. PLUS the X1 Boston Pit Crew Team Challenge is so much fun: delivering energy, motivation, integration and lessons learned


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