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How Offsite Meetings Fuel Your Organization

Summer is over and it’s back to business – the perfect time to rally your team with a Fall teambuilding event. There’s a buzz in the business press lately about how important organizational teambuilding is - more vital than you’d imagine!

Here’s an easy to read, interesting primer on why you should consider offsite meetings, “Ditch Your Office (for an offsite meeting),” from the corporate culture gurus at It explores why team building is so critical and how to make your next event a screaming success. Enjoy – it’s a quick read!

And, when you’re ready to plan a great event – give X1 Boston a call (781) 228-2010. Our event planners will help you achieve your event goals and ensure everyone has a great time along the way!

P.S. It’s also time to start thinking about the annual holiday party…so give us a call; you’ll be glad you did.

Ditch your office (for an offsite meeting)

Discover how a change of space can make your team happier, and more productive.

Read more at and check out their tools for helping you play the best offsite meeting for your team!

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