Track 1: City Course
Track 1: City Course

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Track 2: Country Course
Track 2: Country Course

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Track 1: City Course
Track 1: City Course

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Are You Ready?

Real Racing, Indoors, Like No Other Experience.

X1 Boston features two tracks that each provides a unique experience:


On Track 1, the City Course, features tight turns to challenge your abilities ... a corkscrew to keep you on the edge ... a tunnel to provide an unparalleled thrill … and more.


On Track 2, our Country Road Course, you'll find different kinds of challenges: a longer straightaway allowing you to gain speed ... a hill followed by a curved turn that will have you fighting for control … off-camber corners that keep you wrestling with your steering wheel …


Both tracks create adrenaline surges plus a sense of speed and exhilaration you won't find anywhere else. Unlike the flat tracks at most kart facilities, X1's multi-level tracks have been designed by racing professionals for a true racing experience. Perfectly scaled for X1's race fleet of performance karts, the tracks challenge with hills, tunnels, tight turns, off-camber corners, and more.


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