Give your child Confidence. Sportsmanship. Coordination. Responsibility...That's Racing!

Most professional racing stars of the present day, Jeff Gordon, Juan Montoya and Dale Earnhardt Jr., to name a few, started their careers by developing skills at an early age through Kart racing. Introduce a child (age 7 to 17) to the same opportunity as these stars. Help them learn:


  • Sportsmanship - genuine respect for the other drivers (on the track…or the road.)

  • Coordination - a sense of timing and the ability to plan ahead

  • Self Reliance - Once the green flag drops…they're on their own

  • Competition - racing hard, playing hard, competing hard…and fairly

  • Responsibility - a sense of awareness and concern for the safety of others

  • Pride and Accomplishment - whether they finish first, or last, knowing that they did their best. …who knows…maybe they'll be the next star behind the wheel!


Learn more about our Junior Race Schools. To register, visit our Race Registration page, or call 781-228-2005.


For Ages 7 - 17

Junior League Racing is open to all Junior License holders who have completed X1 Boston's Junior Novice Race Academy or Advanced Race Academy. Competitors are placed into one of six groups based on criteria including age, size, ability, and experience. During each round of the league, competitors take part in one practice session and three races. Each competitor will start races from the front, middle and rear sections of the grid. Race winners are awarded first place - 10 points, second place - 8 points with 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for third through eighth place respectively. The driver achieving the fastest lap will pick up an extra point.


Junior Racers must complete a Mandatory Race Academy before racing at X1 Boston Indoors or X1 Outdoors. Junior Racers who have completed the X1Boston's Race Academy are eligible to race on all of X1 Boston's three tracks without participating in another academy. The race academy fulfills a Junior Racer's requirement to race on the Outdoor track for the Spring/Summer League, as well as future events held on those tracks. Many Junior Racers who have completed previous clinics have indicated they would like to return and attend another clinic as preparation for upcoming races. Priority must be given to those drivers who need to complete the program in order to race, but we will do our best to accommodate drivers looking for additional track time.


For reservations call
(781) 848-2300

Planning an event? call
(781) 228-2010

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