“Went here for a 30th birthday. It has cool cars and motorcycles in the lobby, a nice sports bar, billiards, and friendly staff. The racing itself was a lot of fun. I'm sore as heck the day after so I recommend using Tylenol at some point.


We ate the food here too and the quality was great. Affordable, tasty, and overall a good value. 6 of us got meals and drinks (beers) the bill came to a little over 100. Not a bad price point. Good value. We had a fun time. I would come back, maybe after the soreness goes away.”


—Alex M., Boston, Mass.


“Awesome time, arrive and drive (RACE!) closest thing to real racing you can get.

2-Tracks, Full racing suits, helmets, etc. Go Karts crank! You cannot just "petal to the metal" as you will spinout around the corners. You will break a sweat, your knuckles will be white..! A bit expensive, but they have special rates on Sundays. They also offer leagues if you want to take your racing to the next level. Friendly, cool, race atmosphere. Convenient location right off 93. Go and get your Mario Andretti on! I highly recommend if you have a Need for Speed!”


—Sean M., Upton, Mass.


“I went to the X1 Boston kart racing in Braintree for a work "team building" event and had a blast! We did the indoor course and had a fantastic time. The rules are simple, and the cars are fast.

Racing aside, the building itself is very cool. There are real X1 race cars around the lobby area, and there is a really fun little gift shop to get all sorts of racing memorabilia. There is a full bar, too... though it makes me wonder how they make sure nobody drinks before they race.

Regardless, I had such a great time there that I suggested this to my fiancée for his bachelor party. I'd definitely recommend if you have a big group…”


—Jessica K., Framingham, Mass.


“I chaperoned a college event here and the students loved it. The staff is friendly and easily engaged our students during the training course so it was fun and informative. We were there 3 hours and were able to get the training done, have 45 students race 4x each, and the top 12 finishers overall raced again at the end. Great place for large groups. They have a restaurant, bar and a billiard room too.”


—Mallory S., Boston, Mass.


“I have traveled all over America and in every city I try to find seat time at an indoor or outdoor track. Every time I make it home to Boston, I visit. It is obvious that X1 Boston is the benchmark kart track that everyone has copied. X1 has two tracks that may be combined into one grand prix track. My favorite track is the streets track that has an overpass with several places to pass. The Gas Karts are all well kept for equal performance and fast runs. Allthough F-1 does not allow children to race during the week with the adults, they do have a very good kids league that has spawned quite a few very fast drivers on the weekend…Owner and Rolex Driver R.J. Valentine has kept some of his past race cars around to see up close and can always be spotted walking the track. F-1 is like an event center with a race track inside... if you land in Boston, make it F-1!”

—Clarence B., Beverly Hills, Calif


“Ever wanted to be a race car driver? Well here's your chance to get behind the wheel and experience what its like. Now these are not your typical carts, there are fast. First you have to watch a short video and sign your life away and get in full racing gear but after that you are ready to pretend you Mario Amoretti. This a real race with positions and timed laps. At the end they give you a print out of how everyone raced so you can head to the bar and argue over how was the fastest and best driver.”

—Jason R., Boston, Mass.


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