Want to take your kart racing to a whole new level?

Look no further than our sister track, X1 Outdoors. Located in East Bridgewater, MA, X1 Outdoors is a state-of-the-art kart racing complex, featuring a thrilling layout complimented by a perfectly landscaped environment.

X1 Outdoors’ 1.3-mile track features hairpin turns, banked turns and straight-aways that permit racers to reach maximum performance.

Like X1 Boston, there are many racing options – Arrive & Drive, Leagues and Schools, Endurance Racing – to name a few. If you’re new to racing, X1 Outdoors can handle everything: karts, helmets, racing suits and head socks (closed toe shoes required). It offers kart racing for all skill levels: from championship caliber Rotax racers to advanced and novice drivers.

X1 Outdoors is also an ideal venue for business executives seeking a recreational activity for networking and entertaining business associates and clients. It provides guests with an opportunity to drive and race, enabling them to enjoy a truly memorable experience. Kart racing at X1 Outdoors is exciting, promotes team building, provides a competitive atmosphere and a sense of achievement, in just a few hours – start to finish.

Visit www.x1outdoors.com or call 508.350.1000.