Push Yourself to the Limit!

Finding that you just can't get enough?

A blend of teamwork, consistency and outright speed is necessary to succeed in X1 Boston's 90-minute and 3-hour Endurance Races.

Endurance races feature timed practice, with the fastest team taking Pole Position. Teams choose when to change drivers or re-fuel – each team must make at least five pit stops and driver changes during the 90-minute race and ten pit stops during the 3-hour race.

Endurance Formats
The Le Mans format has been offered in formats ranging from 1 to 12 hours of actual track time. Longer Endurance Races are planned - including the ultimate: a 24-hour race!. In every Endurance Race, the top three teams receive awards at the podium. And every team will have been pushed to the limit - of strength, competition and sheer excitement.

Please call the Leagues and Schools office at 781-228-2005 or the Main Desk (781) 848-2300 to learn more about Endurance racing.