X1 Boston Fall Frenzy Series
6 Rounds, Wednesday evenings at X1 Boston - Beginning Sept 19

Get Competitive… Join a League!

Adult Leagues, Private Leagues, Endurance Leagues and Junior Leagues

League Racing is undoubtedly the best way to go racing at X1 Boston - not only do you get to compete with other racers like yourself, you also get the best deals. Leagues cater to both Sprint and Endurance formats and run on Tracks One and Two as well as the Joint Track, considered by many to be the best of its kind.

Individuals or small groups can join one of X1's Adult Leagues, or if you have enough drivers (minimum of 10), you could even form your own league.

X1 Boston’s Adult Leagues keep the action going all year round with winter, summer and fall programs that offer great racing experiences for everyone. From the novice just learning about the thrill of racing to the skilled competitor looking for bigger challenge – pick a league, hit the track and satisfy our ‘need for speed.’

Call now for more info at 781.228.2005 or email to sign up!

League Race Formats

Fall Frenzy

This Indoor League is open to All Levels of driving experience. On the first night of racing drivers will be divided into two weight classes. Karts will then be weighted to help ensure equality. During each round of the league, competitors take part in a 5-minute qualifying session, two 30-lap heat races and a 40 lap Final. Each of the three races will be scored for the rounds total points.  The best five out of the six rounds will count toward the league championship points.

Summer Sizzler

Held on Tuesday nights at X1 Outdoor this league features racing in the 9HP karts on the Grand Prix Circuit.  The season consists of 6 nights of racing and alternate track directions.  Drivers participate in a practice and three eight lap heat races each night.  Points accumulate throughout the season with a round drop to determine the champion.

Open Racing

This pay per round series offers 100 laps of racing and is open to all skill levels.  All drivers must have an annual or competition license to compete.  Each night consists of a 10 lap practice and three 30 lap heat races.


Had some track time and want to take it to the next level? If so, X1 Boston’s Sprint League is just for you. Heavyweight and lightweight classes compete in a six-round format that features three heats in each round. Points earned in each count towards a season-ending Championship Race, with the top 8 drivers in each class advancing to the Finals. The format includes one race drop, so points from the five best rounds count towards earning a spot in the Championship race


The Pro League is perfect for racers who’ve had time in the driver’s seat and are ready to step it up for the ultimate challenge. Heavyweight and lightweight classes square off with a qualifying round that sets the stage for a six-round shoot-out. Each round features a practice session and a three-heat battle. Points earned in each count towards a season-ending Final Championship Race, with the top 6 drivers in each class advancing. The format includes one race drop, so your five best rounds count towards earning a spot in the Championship race.

Pick a League, Sign Up and Start Your Engines.

2018 Summer Sizzler League HW
Name Rd 1
Kevin Harvie 40
John Staton 25
John McLaughlin 22
Peter Sigourney 22
Nick Cote 21
Chris Tibbetts 19
Troy Carlo 17
Chris Harvey 9
Ben Kimball 9
William Harris 7
Patrick Trucceri 4
Wilson Valente 3
2018 Summer Sizzler League LW
Name Rd 1
Tom Rosenfield 41
Charlie Hosea 31
Tim Robertson 27
Sam Kimball 26
Mike Minneman 18
Sam Pulliam 17
Terry Watson 13
David Jiang 12
Jacob Hale 5
Anthony Wong 5
Noah Parker 3

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