• Endurance Racing on Track One, the City Course.

Are You Ready?

Real Racing, Indoors, Like No Other Experience.

X1 Boston features 2 tracks that each provides a unique experience:

On Track 1, the City Course, features tight turns to challenge your abilities ... a corkscrew to keep you on the edge ... a tunnel to provide an unparalleled thrill … and more.

On Track 2, our Country Road Course, you'll find different kinds of challenges: a longer straightaway allowing you to gain speed ... a hill followed by a curved turn that will have you fighting for control … off-camber corners that keep you wrestling with your steering wheel …

Both tracks create adrenaline surges plus a sense of speed and exhilaration you won't find anywhere else. At least 'til you move on to X1 Outdoors - our affiliated outdoor track - for speeds up to 60 miles per hour and up to 100 miles per hour with shifter karts like those used in training by road racing stars everywhere! Unlike the flat tracks at most kart facilities, X1's multi-level tracks have been designed by racing professionals for a true racing experience. Perfectly scaled for X1's race fleet of performance karts, the tracks challenge with hills, tunnels, tight turns, off-camber corners, and more.