Press Release
Sep 30, 2014
Dave Rodger (HW), David Burton (MW) & Rodrigo Dias (LW) Win Round One

Braintree, Ma (September 30, 2014) – F1 Boston kicked off the Fall Frenzy Adult League season last Monday with great competition and fast action.  Each of the League’s six rounds starts with a qualifying session, followed by two 30-lap heats and a 40-lap final.  The winners in the initial round were Dave Rodger in the heavyweight division, David Burton in middleweight and Rodrigo Dias in lightweight.  Here are the highlights:

Heavyweight winner Dave Rodger had a strong round to kick-off the season – grabbing second in the heats #1 and #2, then winning the final plus a fast lap to take home 39 points.  Second place went to Harry Parker with 34 points powered by winning the second heat, taking second in the final and fourth in heat #1. Shaun Abbate landed third by winning the first heat, placing third in the final and fifth in heat #2 to earn 31.  Ron LeDuc scored 23 points to place fourth highlighted by landing third in the first two heats. Antonio Brito, Jr. was fifth with 21 point after finishing top five in all three heats.

 David Burton prevailed in middleweight scoring 40 points after winning the final two heats and grabbing second in heat #1.  Chris Catalano was second, earning 30 points by finishing third in each heat. Mark Morin placed third by taking second in heat #2; fourth and fifth in the others to earn 27.  John Hintze was next with 19 points powered by a fourth place result in the final and fifth in heat #1. Philip Lloyd rounded out the top five with 13 points.

In Lightweight, Rodrigo Dias had the highest point total of the night, scoring 41 points and the victory by winning the final, grabbing second in the first two heats plus all three fast lap bonus points.  Jay Hanscom took second by placing second in the final after securing third heats #1 and #2.   There was a tie for third at 20 between Patrick Curton and Alan Potter – Curton’s highlight was landing third in the final, while Potter took fourth in the first two heats.  Donald Zowatsky earned 17 points and fifth place by finishing fourth in the final and fifth in heat #1.

Round 2 will take place on Monday, October 6th.