Press Release
Oct 8, 2014
Antonio Brito, Jr. (HW), Peter Sigourney (MW) & Rodrigo Dias (LW) Victorious

Braintree, Ma (October 8, 2014) – Round two of F1 Boston’s Fall Frenzy League took place on Monday with another evening of great race action. Each of the League’s six rounds starts with a qualifying session, followed by two 30-lap heats and a 40-lap final. The winners were Antonio Brito, Jr. (HW), Peter Sigourney (MW) and Rodrigo Dias (LW).

Here are the highlights:

Antonio Brito, Jr. prevailed in heavyweight with 38 points earned by winning the final after grabbing second in heat #2 and third in heat #1 plus two fast laps. Shaun Abbate was second with 35 points by landing second in the first and final, third in heat #2 plus a fast lap. Ron LeDuc took third with 32 points powered by winning heat #1, finishing third in the final and fourth in the middle heat. Michael Glover was next with 30 points earned by winning the second heat and placing fourth in the others. Harry Parker rounded out the scoring with 18 points.

In middleweight Peter Sigourney took top honors by winning the final after finishing second and fourth in the first two heats, respectively, plus a fast lap for a 35-point total. Mark Morin grabbed second with 33 points fueled by placing second in the final and third in heats #1 and #2 plus a fast lap. Chris Catalano was third, earning 29 points highlighted by winning the first heat and landing third in the final. David Burton scored 27 points and fourth place featuring a win in the second heat and fourth in the final. John Hintze was fifth with 26 points earned with a second place result in heat #2, fourth in heat #1 and fifth in the final.

In Lightweight, Rodrigo Dias won his second consecutive round, scoring 40 points by winning heat #2 and grabbing second in the others plus two fast lap bonus points. Jay Hanscom took second by winning the first and final, plus fourth in heat #2 as well as a fast lap. Patrick Curtin was third with 23 points featuring third place finishes in the second and final heats. Donald Zowatsky earned 22 points and fourth place highlighted by finishing second in heat #2. Jamie Dutra was fifth with a third place result in heat #1 and fourth in the final.

Round 3 will take place on Monday, October 20th.