Press Release
Oct 27, 2014

Braintree, MA (October 25, 2013) – Round 3 of the 2014 F1 Boston Fall Junior League is in the books with another entertaining weekend of highly competitive racing. The 7-round league features 7classes, grouping competitors according to age, size, ability and experience. Points from each driver’s top 6 rounds accumulate to crown series champions; the top 6 drivers in each class also qualify for a season-ending Championship Race.

Here’s a look at the highlights from round 3:

Luke Marcheski took top honors in Group 1AA by winning his second heat, placing third in his final and fourth in heat #1 plus a fast lap to earn 29 points. There was a three-way tie for second place between Jonathan Schores, Jake Yazijian and Simon White, all scoring 23 points. Schores took third in his second heat, fourth in his final plus three fast laps; Yazijian won his final, was fifth in heat #1 plus two fast laps; White won his first heat, placed fourth and fifth in the others. Schores leads in the standings with 78 points with Yazijian nine points back in second. Abner Lora was fifth with 21 points featuring a third place result in his middle heat and fourth in heat #1. Ben Amado (18 points in the round) is third for the season at 63; Eamon Whitmon (18 points) is fourth with 62 and Hugh North (16 points) is fifth at 59 points.

Ryan Borges scored the victory in Group 1A, earning 26 points highlighted by second place results in his final two heats plus two fast lap bonus points. Jack George was a point back in second with 25 points earned by winning his final after finishing third and fifth in the others – with 73 points, he leads the season-long points chase. Third place went to Jason Henrique, he earned 23 points by winning his second heat, placing fourth and fifth in the others – he’s a point back in second place for the season at 72. Thomas Briggs was next with 22 points featuring a second place result in his first heat and third in his final plus a fast lap. Chris Francis was fifth with 20 points highlighted by winning his second heat. Lucas Wessel (17 points) is third for the season with 67; Aidan Briney (19 points) is fourth at 65 and Jonathan Zunitch (19 points) is a point back in fifth.

In a tightly contested 1B class, just three points separated the top five racers. Rahm Bodick prevailed with 27 points including a win in the middle heat and second in heat #1 plus a fast lap. Bodick is third for the season with 69 points. Charlie Jafari and Hunter Johnson earned a second place tie with 26 points. Jafari, who is second in the standings with 74 points, won his middle heat, took third in the final and fourth in his first heat. Johnson won his first heat and placed second in his middle heat. Fourth place was a toss-up between Cody Dowler and Kyle Apuzzo, just a point back at 25. Dowler won his final and placed third in heat #2 plus a fast lap – with 64 points, he’s fourth in the standings. Apuzzo scored his 25 by landing second, third and fourth in his heats, respectively. Dillan McCullough (24 points) is atop the leader board with 77 markers and Blake Lothian (22 points) is fifth with 52.

There was a three-way at the top of Group 2A as Egan Wong, Charlie Marcheski and Hayden Purcell all scored 20 points. Wong took first in heat #1, then fourth in the others – he’s on top in the standings as well with 68 points. Marcheski, second for the season with 66, won the middle heat and landed third in heat #1 plus a fast lap. Purcell took second in heat #2 book-ended by fourth and third place results in the others. He’s third for the season with 43 points. Casey Jordan was fourth with 18 points including second place in heat #2 and third in the final. Nick Mercer rounded out the top five with 17 points highlighted by winning the final. Michael Pedro is fourth in the standings with 39 points and Joey DeAscentis (16 points) is fifth with 35.

Alexander Ginter had a strong round to lead the field in Group 2B. He earned the victory by winning his first and final heats, taking third in heat #2 plus a fast lap to earn 27 points. The strong result gives Ginter 72 points for the season and a second place tie with Adrian Michael. There was a second place tie at 23 points between Michael and Billy Bedard. Michael won his final, placed second in heat #1 and fifth in his middle heat plus a fast lap, while Bedard grabbed second in his final two heats after landing third in heat #1 plus a fast lap. With 71 points Bedard is in the fourth position for the season. Nehal Ramlukan earned 22 points and fourth place by winning his first heat then landing fourth and third in the last two runs plus a fast lap – he leads in the standings with 77 points. Blake Jafari closed out the top five with 19 points including a win in his second heat after a fourth place result in heat #1, and fifth in the final. Jafari is also fifth on the leader board with 53 points.

The top three racers in 3A all won a heat, placed second in one and third in the other – the difference came down to fast laps. Giorgio Giglio grabbed two fast laps to take the win with 26 points; Bradley McCafferty had the fast lap to earn second at 25 and Joe Loccicero was third with 24 points. With 73 points on the season, Giglio moves into first place; McCafferty is third with 49 and Locicero is fourth at 47. Christian Chiusolo was fourth with 14 points and Xander Correa rounded out the scoring with 13. Sean Kelly is second for the season with 50 points; Andrew Kupovich has 35 points and fifth in the standings.

Ireland Nordstrom won her third consecutive heat in 3B, this time earning 28 points powered by winning her final two heats after placing third in heat #1plus two fast laps – she has 85 points and the top spot in the standings. Three drivers – Willem Hofeldt, Paul Luongo and Shep Cohen – tied for second at 22. Hofeldt grabbed second in heat #2, bracketed third place finishes in the others plus two fast laps; Luongo won his final, was second in his heat #1 and fifth in the middle heat; Cohen won his first heat, was second in his middle run and fifth in his final. Hofeldt is second for the season at 77 and Luongo is third at 57. Fifth place went to Andrew McLaughin with 16 points earned by landing third in his middle heat and fourth in the others. John Hanlon is fourth for the season with 32 points; Marshall Vernon (12 points) is fifth at 29.

The standings are updated after each event. You can find them on our League Standings page. The League is open to all drivers with F1 Boston Junior Competition License that have completed an F1 Boston Junior Novice Racing Academy or Camp.