Fall Junior League Track Action
Press Release
Dec 15, 2014
Season Champions Crowned

Braintree, MA – The seventh and final round of F1 Boston’s Winter Junior League was held recently capping off another great season with the crowning of season champions for the series.  The 7-round League features 8 classes that group competitors according to age, size, ability and experience.  Points from each driver’s top 6 rounds count towards crowning series champions with the top 6 drivers in each class qualifying for a season-ending Championship Finale.    Here’s a look at the highlights:

Justin Rusko grabbed the victory with 33 points in a hotly contested Group 1AA by winning his final, after earning second place finishes in his two heats plus a fast lap bonus point. Jake Yazijian placed second with 28 points highlighted by winning his first two heats.  With 144 points on the season Yazijian shares top honors with Luke Marcheski. Dimitri Berardi was third earning 25 points by winning his middle heat bookended by third in his first heat and fifth in his final – he wraps up third place in the standings with 142 points – just two off the lead. Marcheski was next scoring 23 by landing second in his first heat and third in his final plus a fast lap. Fifth was a four-way tie between Simon White, Jonathan Schores, Christian Abbate and Brandon Haley – each scoring 21.  Schores ends up fourth in the standings with 141 points and Ben Amado (19 points in the round) closes out the season in fifth place with 136 points.

Group 1A witnessed Jason Henrique taking top honors with 28 points powered by winning his second heat, grabbing second in heat #1 and fifth in his final plus a fast lap.  With 158 points, Henrique earns the 1A season crown.  Ryan Borges and Thomas Biggs tied for second with 25 points each – Borges landed second in heat #2, third in his final and fourth in heat #1, along with a fast lap, while Biggs won his first heat, taking fifth and third in the others respectively.  Borges tallied 147 points for the season to claim second place and Biggs finishes with 138 and the fourth spot.  Chris Francis was fourth – he won his second heat and placed fourth in heat #1 plus a fast lap to score 23. Dimitry Gentile was fifth highlighted by winning his final and landing fifth in heat #1. Jonathan Zunitch (20 points) tallied 140 points to take fourth for the season; Jack George (19 points) was fifth at 135.

Charlie Jafari took the top spot in Group 1B – he got faster with each heat, winning his final after placing third and second in the two heats, respectively plus three fast laps to score 33 points.  The win wraps up the season championship for Jafari,  with 174 points. Cody Dowler grabbed second with 29 points by winning his first heat and final, while landing fifth in heat #2 – with 170 points he’s finishes the season in the second spot. There as a third-place tie at 25 between Sebastian Correa and Hunter Johnson. Correa took second in his heats and fifth in his final, while Johnson won his final after fifth and third place finishes in his heats respectively. A single point separated them in the season-long standings with Correa grabbing third place with 151 points, with Johnson a point back in fourth. Kyle Apuzzo and Blake Lothian knotted at 24 to share fifth place with Apuzzo winning his second heat, sandwiched between fourth place results in his first and final; Lothian grabbed second place in his first and final heats. Dillan McCoulough (23 points) rounded the top five in the standings with 146 points.

In Group 2A Egan Wong and Jake Trainer shared the top spot with 20 points each. Wong won the first heat then landed fourth in the others while Trainer scored a win in heat #2 and third in the final plus a fast lap.  Wong is third for the season with 108 points; Trainer takes the fifth spot with 92.  Charlie Marcheski was third with 19 points highlighted by grabbing second in the two heats – he wins the championship title with 126 points for the season. There was a 17-point fourth place tie between Hayden Purcell and Chase Drinkwater; Purcell won the final and took fourth in heat #1; Drinkwater placed second in the final and fifth in the others plus a fast lap.  Purcell claims second place in the standings with 112 points; Joey DeAscentis (8 points) is fourth at 101.

Adrian Michael scored a narrow victory in Group 2B with 28 points powered by winning his second two heat sandwiched between second place results in his first heat and final plus two fast laps – he finishes the season with 142 points and the second spot. Nehal Ramlukan grabbed second by winning his two heats and placing third in his final to earn 26 points. Ramlukan earns bragging rights for the top spot in the standings with 159 points. There was a three-way third place tie at 24 between Billy Bedard, Alexander Ginter and Benjamin Dias. Bedard won his second heat in between third place finishes in the others; Ginter won his first heat, took second in heat #2 and third in his final; Dias won his final, after finishing fourth and second in the heats, respectively.  Bedard closes the season in fourth place at 139; Ginter closes with fifth and 130 points.

Group 3A’s Bradley McCafferty earned the victory with a 5-point margin by winning his final, after scoring second and third place results in his heats to grab 26 points – the victory helps him wrap up the season title as well, with 130 points. Sean Kelly was second with 21 points by winning his first heat then landing fourth in the final and fifth in heat #2 – with 126 points, Kelly also takes second for the series. Joe LoCicero was third with 20 points by winning his first heat then finishing with third and fifth place results in his heat #2 and final.  The result helps LoCicero earn third for the season at 125 – just a point out of second. There was a fourth-place tie at 19 between Giorgio Giglio, Andrew Kupovich and Christian Chiusolo. Giglio placed second, third and fourth in his heats, Kupovich was runner up in his second heat and final, and Chiusolo won his second heat and took third in heat #2.  Giglio is fourth in the standings with 117; Kupovich is fifth at 97.

Ireland Nordstrom turned in a perfect score in Group 3B winning all her heats and earning all three fast laps as well to finish with 33 points.  Nordstrom walks away with the Championship title and a 174-point total.  Paul Luongo was next with 25 points by landing second in all three of his heats, plus a fast lap – with 144 Luongo takes third place for the season, just a point behind Willem Hofeldt, the second place finisher. Hofeldt and John Hanlon each earned 23 to tie for third – Hofeldt won his first heat, was second in his final and fourth in heat #2, while Hanlon won his final after third place results in his heats. Hanlon finishes the season with 113 points and the fourth spot. Andrew McLaughlin rounded out the top five with 20 points included a second place result in heat #2; third place in heat #1 and his final – he also takes fifth in the standings at 106.

Junior League competitors may enter as many rounds as desired – drivers competing for the season championships must attend at least 6 rounds.  Standings can be found at www.F1Boston.com/league_results.htm.  The League is open to all drivers with F1 Boston Junior Competition License that have completed an F1 Boston Junior Novice Racing Academy or Camp.

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